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Grade 2AGroup Painting 19-10-2017
Grade 2A Mask Painting 31-10-2017
Grade 2A English activity 9-10-2017
Grade 2A English activity- classifying nouns 28-11-2017
Grade 2 A English Reading activity 27-9-2017
grade 2A English group activity 17-9-2017
Grade 2 A Math activity - writing numbers in other form 27-9-2017
Grade 2A Science -Butterfly Is Born 24-10-2017
Grade 2A science Lab Activity 28-9-2017
Grade 2B Art Activity 18-9-2017
Grade 2B English Reading Week 19-11-20107
Grade 2B Library Week 3-10-2017
Garde 2B Math Activity
Grade 2B Science Activity 21-11-2017
Grade 3A Art Pot Painting Activity 2017
Grade 3A Donation day 24-10-2017
Grade 3A English Reading Day 22-11-2017
Grade 3A Math activity 12-12-2017
Grade 3A Science Plant Life Cycle 10-25-2017
Grade 3A science Activity For volcano 24-12-2017
Grade 3A Science Activity Planting seeds 25-10-2017
Grade 3A science tools activity 19-12-2017
Grade 3A science activity 11-12-2017
Grade 3B science activity 1-11-2017
Grade 3B ScienceLife Cycle Of a Frog 24-10-2017
Grade 3B Science Planting seeds 17-10-2017
Grade 3B Science Lab Activity 29-11-2017
Grade 3B Art Activity
Grade 3B Math Activity 17-10-2017
Grade 3B Math Map Testing 28-11-2017
Grade 3B Math Activity 1-11-2017
Grade 3B Math Activity 29-11-2017
Grade 4A Art Craft Activity 14-12-2017
Grade 4A Science Planting seeds Activity
Grade 4A Science Activity
Grade 4B Arabic Activity 19-12-2017
Grade 4B Art Activity 19-12-2017
Grade 4B English Reading Skill Activity
Grade 4B English Speaking Skill Activity
Grade 4B library Activity 6-12-2017

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