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Elementary library week 26/10/2017
Art activity G1-B 19/9/2017
Grade 2A with special awards in the month of November02017
Red Day 19/10/2017
KG1 first day 2017
KG2 (Science) learning about animals covering and needs 3/12/2017
Student Council 4-12-2017
Reading Day 22-11-2017
Grade 3A English Activities 25-10-2017
Grade 3A Math Activities 29-11-2017
Grade 3B English Activities 17-10-2017
Marathon Race campaign against Drugs 5-12-2017
MAP Testing (Grade 3B math) 28-11-2017
Grade 3B Science Activities 24-10-2017
Grade 4A Science Activities 29-10-2017
Grade 5 B Pick and Speak 28-09-2017
Grade 5B Library week 28-9-2017
Grade 6A book mark activity 17-10-2017
Grade 6A English Activities 28-09-2017
Grade 6A Art Activities 23-10-2017
Grade 6A Science Activities 27-11-2017
Awareness Program from Ministry of Education on Personal Higene
Sports Day 7-12-2017
Report card day Qtr-1 23-11-2017
French activity grade 6A 26-11-2017
Grade 5A art activity 12-112-2017
3A Math Activity 12-12-2017
Grade 4A activity 11-12-2017
Grade 3A Layers of the earth 11-12-2017
KG2 Science Activities 11-12-2017
Grade 2A art activity 11-12-2017
Grade 3A Art activity 11-12-2017
Grade 3B Art activity 11-12-2017
3A Book Fair 12-12-2017
Grade 6B islamic activity management of anger13-12-2017
Anti smoking and drugs campaign 14-12-2017
Grade 12A Project 12-12-2017
Grade 1 to 4 Personal Higene Training by School Nurse 11-12-2017

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