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ES 1st Day08-9-2019
KG2 phonics activity-
1st Parents Meeting 12-9-2019
health awareness from ministry 16-9-2019
KG2 & KG2 1st DAY 11-9-2019
Nursery 1st day 2-9-2019
Elementary is participating in Women Awareness Day
Smart Nursery visited Baroue
Art grade 1
Grade 2 art activity
Grade 2A - Science Activity - Putting small things together
Grade 2A English activity - Making flower with CVC words
Grade 2A English activity _ Noun Hunting
Grade 2A Enjoying stories
Grade 2A Enjoying stories and Colouring
Grade 2A Reading and learning about different types of sports
Grade 2A Science activity - Putting small things together
G3 Arabic activities
G3 Educational trip at Baroue Avenue
G3 reading week character day classroom activity
Grade 3A Enjoying Reading n Colouring
Gr.4A English Activities
Grade 4A Enjoying first day in Library
Grade 4B Enjoying their 1st library class
Grade4_Field Trip
Grade 5 is doing project about Elections
Grade 5( trip to car museum)
Grade 5A Islamic Activities
Grade 5B Reading and writing the main characters from the story and also describing them
6A pictures for activity
Grade 6 A Title - Oxygen helps in burning
Grade 6A students are performing chemical change reactions
ES Twins Day at DUSK
Grade 7 and 8 art activity for reading week
Grade 7 art activity
Grade 7 students are investigating waves
Science lab activity Grade 7B
Grade 8 art activity
Grade 8 students are investigating different forces
9C working on their poem cut out activity

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