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Grade 6A Arabic activity 16-11-2017
Grade 6A....Arabic importance of brotherhood 17-12-2017
Grade 6A Learning the building blocks of a sentence 19-12-2017
Grade 6A Art activity 23/10/2017
Garde 6A Eng S.S 19-12-2017
Grade 6A English s.s...flip class on land forms 19-12-2017
Grade 6A English Adverbs q2
Grade 6A Solving adverbs group activity 13-12-2017
Grade 6A Math Activity 20-12-2017
Grade 6A Science Activities 13-12-2017
Grade 6A Lab Activity 27-11-2017
Grade 6B Arabic 14-12-2017
Grade 6B Art Activity 14-11-2017
Grade 6B English S.S Human right Activity
Grade 6A& B Thursday movie activity
Library Reading Star Award 9-1-2017
Grade 7A Art Activity 14-11-2017
Grade 7A English S.S Activity 2017
Grade 7 book mark activity 17-10-2017
Grade 7 English Identify and Punctuation 13-12-2017
grade 7 Islamic activity Students teaching flip class....17-12-2017
Graduation Grade 12 On 23.5.17
First Aid Emergency Training for all staff
Journey's Training for staff
National Day 2015
Annual Sport'sDay
Fireman's Day 2015
International Day 2015
Graduation Party 2015
Hajj Celebration in School,K-5 students presenting some songs and skits about Hajj
Parents Meeting
Field Trip
Open Day 2015
1st Quarter Report card Distribution Meet
Students got Rewarded with certificates
Field Trip To Dino park
Dr. Botros Visit to school.
Teacher's Training(Workshop) 2015-2016
Football Match at Salmiya club
Trip to Shaab Park

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